This website hosts theological writings by James Coke.

The resources herein present a vision for Great Commission communities of the present day which adapt eternal principles learned from the ancient Jewish and New Testament fellowships.

Communities of Jesus' followers have a shared vision for their mission in nations that have not been fully evangelized.

These communities do outreach to rural villages in areas that have not been exposed to the salvation message.  They typically operate from an urbanized base where their privately-owned businesses afford them financial self-sufficiency and a platform for reaching customers, suppliers, government, and other stakeholders.  The community’s businesses sometimes take on services the government cannot provide adequately.  Governments favor entities that pay taxes while helping reduce social costs.

The ideal community is a testimony to the world of how people conduct themselves when they share a common covenant with their God.  Its members make decisions on governance, business, and mission in egalitarian ways that prefer others over themselves. They do things together when possible; worship, study, pray, work, and fellowship because there is strength in numbers.

The presentation below was prepared to help explain how Spirit-led economy can be integrated with community life.