What’s in a name?

 ‘Abdiyah’ is Hebrew for “Servant of Yah” (YHVH), in the same way that ‘Abd-Allah’ or ‘Abdullah’ means “Servant of Allah” in Arabic. The name ‘Abdiel’ meaning “Servant of God” is found in 1 Chronicles 5:15, and is more typically rendered as ‘Obadiah’.

Hebrew and Arabic (along with Aramaic) share the same Semitic language history.  The Hebrew ‘Elah’ was pronounced by Arabs as ‘Allah’ for a thousand years before Muhammad.

The following are my papers that cast a vision for Biblical community.  They remain a work in progress pending formal publication at some future date.

Ekklesia Renewed – A study of Biblical community principles with application to contemporary times. 

Ekklesia Economy – A survey of the ancient Hebrew economy with application of its principles to the contemporary Christian community.

Empowerment in Agricultural Supply Chains – Methods for increasing supply chain power and profits in rural community development.

The following papers are additional writings which provide insight into evangelism and the Gospel message.

A Word About Evangelism – A commentary on how best to take the Gospel to a new culture.

Eternal Truths of Allah – A message for our Muslim friends that explores a fuller understanding of Allah’s character and nature.

Salvation and the Exclusivity of the Christ – A message of comfort for those interceding for unreached people groups.  This may be a difficult read for some Christians who have not been on the mission field.

Moses and Theocratic Leadership –  A commentary on leadership lessons we can take from the story of Moses.

The Pursuit of Wealth – A commentary on Biblical principles of financial stewardship.